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DSR 50

DSR 50

The DSR-Precision DSR 50 sniper rifle is manufactured in Germany by DSR-Precision GmbH. It is a scaled-up version of the DSR-1 smiper rifle made by the same company, but with certain improvements necessary to handle powerful .50 caliber ammunition, which include hydraulic recoil buffer in buttstock and special ‘blast compensator’ barrel attachment, which serves as a muzzle brake and also reduces flash and sound of the muzzle blast.

Manufactured by DSR-Precision GmbH, the DSR 50 is based on the DSR 1 sniper rifle and includes modifications necessary to the fire the more powerful .50 caliber round, including hydraulic recoil buffer in the buttstock and an innovative muzzle attachment. This muzzle device, described as a ‘blast compensator’, is a combination sound suppressor and muzzle brake, and is notable in its attempt at moderating the .50BMG’s muzzle blast and recoil, unlike contemporary large-caliber rifles which are typically equipped with muzzle brakes only.

Like the DSR-1, this rifle retains its bullpup configuration, allowing a longer barrel while retaining a shorter OAL (overall length), which is an important consideration for large caliber rounds such as .50 BMG, and focuses the weapon’s balance towards the buttstock, compensating for the muzzle heavy attachments standard on the DSR-50. The DSR-50 also retains some of the DSR-1’s features, such as a top mounted bipod, monopod, free-floating barrel, fully adjustable cheekrest, buttstock and foregrip, and forward magazine holder.

The DSR 50 is configured into bull-pup design, with free-floating barrel. The folding bipod is mounted onto upper rails(above the barrel), and the adjustable horisontal front grip is mounted on the lower rails (under the barrel). The rifle features fully adjustable buttsock and cheekpiece. The holder for spare magazine is installed in the front of the triggerguard to decrease reloading time.DSR 50 action features match-grade, fluted barrel that is quickly interchangeable and is fixed into receiver by three screws. The bolt features six radial lugs that lock directly into the barrel. The barrel is protected by ventilated aluminium handguard and is fitted with muzzlebrake (wery useful when firing full-power magnum loads).The trigger is two-stage, adjustable.

Technical specifications of DSR 50 sniper rifle

Caliber(s): 12.7x99mm / .50 BMG
Operation: bolt action
Barrel: 800 mm
Weight: 10.3 kg empty
Length: 1350 mm (with blast compensator)
Feed Mechanism: 3 rounds detachable box magazine
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