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Guns and Weapons | April 16, 2014

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M99 sniper rifle

M99 sniper rifle

The M99 rifle is offered as anti-materiel / anti-sniper weapon, and is available in two calibers – 12,7×108 (M99-I)and 12,7×99 / .50BMG (M99-II). No firm facts are available on accuracy of this weapon, but it is believed that it shoots about 2 MOA with Chinese standard issue ammunition. This is way below Western “sniping” standards but more or less enough for anti-materiel work or short-range enemy snipers suppression.

Not much information is available on internals of this rifle, although it is believed that it uses gas operated action with tipping bolt locking. Feed is from detachable box magazines holding five rounds of ammunition. Rifle is fitted with adjustable bipod, adjustable rear monopod, and buffered buttstock. Top of receiver is fitted with Picatinny style rail which will accept a variety of sighting equipment on appropriate mounts. Typical sighting set-up includes either a 10X fixed power telescope or 4-12X or 7-22X variable power telescope sights.

M99 is visually similar to AS50, but is a different weapon. The AI is like a FAL while the M99 is more like an M-16. M99 is a direct gas, rotating bolt action, whereas the AS50 is a short stroke, tilting bolt action.  The M99 is also 2 kg lighter than AS50.

The Chinese Army has only recently begun receiving these weapons. These large caliber sniper rifles first appeared from Chinese manufacturers in 1999, when the M99 showed up. A few years later the M06 (as an M99 with a few minor changes) appeared. A decade later another version, the QUB09, came along. All three of these are bullpup (magazine behind the trigger) designs and are built by a state owned weapons factory.

In recent times, on some videos, this rifle is often seen used by Syrian rebels.

Caliber(s): 12,7×108 (M99-I) or 12,7×99 / .50BMG (M99-II)
Operation: gas operated semi-automatic
Barrel: mm
Weight: ~12 kg (unloaded, less telescope sight)
Length: 1500 mm
Feed Mechanism: 5-round detachable box magazine

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