Para-Ordnance P13.45 Limited

Para-Ordnance P13.45 Limited

Model P13.45 is a medium-sized single-action pistol with a magazine capacity of 13 rounds in .45 ACP caliber. The old model of 1991 has retained the typical Colt rear sight. The total length of this weapon is 197 mm and the match barrel has a length of 108 mm. This pistol is available in blued steel, in stainless steel or with an alloy frame. The weight of both steel versions is 1021 gram and the alloy version weighs 794 grams. The height of this weapon is 133 mm.

The P13.45 also has extended grip safety, an extended safety catch and built-in automatic firing pin safety. The P13.45-2001 has a long recoil spring locking bar. The ejector port is also lowered and beveled. The P13.45 Limited is the match version of the standard model. This pistol has adjustable micrometer sights and a grip safety with an extended beavertail. In addition, the front flanks of the slide have been provided with extra pressure grooves. This pistol has an extended safety catch on both sides of the frame, and a built-in automatic firing pin safety. The trigger has an adjustable trigger stop. This model has the familiar match barrel and the ejector port in the slide is lowered and beveled. This model is equipped with a competition hammer. The dimensions of this P13.45 Limited pistol are the same as that of the standard model, and are also available in a steel or stainless steel version with an alloy frame.

This P13.45 Limited pistol has very good performances and has also good price. Para-Ordnance made nice model in .45 ACP caliber and also good and reliable. Good gun for a good price.

P13-45 Limited Stainless
single-action (SA)
stainless steel
dovetail front, adjustable rear
black polymer
.45 Automatic
13 round
4.25 in
7.75 in
36 oz
1993 – 2003

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