SAS-12 shotgun

SAS-12 shotgun

The SAS-12 shotgun is manufactured by Shooters Arms Manufacturing Company of Philippines. It is intended for police and security use, as well as for home defense. It is available in two versions, standard and “tactical”, the latter being equipped with Picatinny-type accessory rails.

The SAS-12 shotgun is manually operated, pump action shotgun. Instead of the sliding forend it uses movable vertical foregrip, located below the stationary forearm. To load the gun, one must pull the vertical grip back then return it to the forward position. Gun is fed from detachable box magazines, each holding 6 rounds of ammunition.

Ambidextrous manual safety is located above the pistol grip, on either side of the gun. Rifle-type sights include front post and rear aperture-type blade, built into the polymer carrying handle. Shoulder stock is of retractable “M4 carbine” type, and is made from polymer.

Caliber 12 Gauge
Type Pump action
Overall length 680 mm (27.8”)
Barrel length 305 mm (12”)
Weight, empty 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs)
Magazine capacity 6 rounds

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